One of the spiritual capitals of Transylvania, the sections Cluj-Napoca and Alba-Iulia, the city of Sibiu is one of the important cultural hotspots  in Romania and one of the emerging economic centers in the region.

Documented for the first time in 1191, the city began as a colonial settlement of the Saxons, brought by the Hungarian Crown to several points in southern Transylvania, to defend the border. Over time it became the most important of the 7 Saxon fortresses in Transylvania (organized in the "Saxon University"), an important craft center, the medieval fortress housing up to 26 guilds, and among the most important military fortifications of the medieval period. The "Red Fortress", as it was nicknamed at the time, except for the Mongol siege of 1241, was never conquered. The city continues to amaze the world with technical achievements  - such as Conrad Haas's missile experiment in 1551, medical - the first hospital in Romania’s present teritory  opened in 1292 in Sibiu, and the first pharmacy, 1494, cultural - in 1788 Martin Hochmeister, the then mayor of the city, founded the first theater in Transylvania in the Thick Tower (now Thalia Hall). As proof of its regional importance, Sibiu was also the capital of Transylvania between 1692-1791 and 1849-1865, and after the Great Union, between 1918-1920, the regional government of Transylvania, the Governing Council, had its headquarters here. After the frost during communism and the collapse of the transition, the year 2007 represented the revival of Sibiu on all levels with its election in the European Capital of Culture program. Once again, the Red Fortress would once again be a flagship city in the region. It hosts the largest theater festival in the world, after Edinburgh and Avignon, the most important documentary film festival in Central and Eastern Europe, Astra Film, the longest-running jazz festival, and many other festivals. and cultural events, which together with innovative institutions, such as the Radu Stanca National Theater, Gong Theater, Ballet Theater, make it one of the most important places of cultural pilgrimage in Europe. The guilds have disappeared, but their memory is still kept alive by the traveling journeymen program, and economically they have been replaced by important industrial players from Europe, multinationals and service companies that make Sibiu a business attraction. In 2019, it also wins the title of European Gastronomic Region, which came on the background of a process of development and culinary diversification of the Sibiu gastronomic scene.

Whether you need a breather or work brings you to us, we are waiting for you within the walls of this unique city in Romania, to walk the streets full of perfume and poetry, to be delighted by the town’s many  artists, to pamper yourself with a wine on our terrace and offer us the pleasure of being your hosts in our house on the most romantic street in Sibiu.


Sibiu, RO
4:12 pm, April 16, 2024
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Sunset: 8:10 pm


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