Rent a car – Arty

Don’t just rent a car! Rent a car with personality!
Arty is our new team member. His purspouse is to serve our guests, and not only. For more information please contact the reception.

    Rental price 35Euro/day (gasoline not included)    

  • First of all Arty has it’s on personality (it is limited edition)
  • Arty is strong – 1.4l gasoline engine with 16 valves, that develops 95hp
  • It is an economic car – medium consumption 6 l/100km
  • Automatic gearbox, very easy to drive
  • 2 modes of driving: economic and sport (activated from button)
  • Other features: electric hatch, servodirection, climate system, MP3 Player, USB Player, Windows Phone Connectivity, Bluetooth Car Kit, electric mirrors …
  • The complete insurance is included in price